Modern and timeless design that inspires adventure.

We believe that good design tells a story. Not a trendy, beautiful-on-the-outside kind of story, but one about how you really exist in your space. A true story that reflects the people and life there.


Our Services


Our ideal projects are extensive renovations or new builds in the Pacific Northwest where we can frequently be hands-on at the job site. We prefer to take a holistic approach with the space informing every detail from interior architecture to finish, fixture, furniture, and accessory selections. We help clients with a strong vision achieve their design dreams and guide clients with less direction to discover and cultivate their own aesthetic – all while respecting the existing architecture and style of the building.

Now that we’ve defined what we can do, let’s talk about how we’ll do it.

  • Step 1


    You fill out the inquiry form with the details of your design project. We connect with you on the specifics to determine if we’re the best team to bring it to life.
  • Step 2

    Design Proposal

    After we’re clear on the scope of your project, we put together a proposal that outlines overall style, timeline, budget and all the ways we’ll transform your space.
  • Step 3


    We ask all the questions there are to ask about you - your lifestyle, your wants and needs, how you hope to function in a space, and what your favorite cocktail is.
  • Step 4

    Design Process

    We put together design schematics that will translate to construction documents so that you understand the flow and function of the space and our partners know how to build it. We then select fixtures and finishes. Finally, we polish all the details and we're off to the races.
  • Step 5


    After deposits are received on all approved selections, we place orders and provide regular updates on delivery timelines. All purchases are quality-checked and stored in our receiving warehouse.
  • Step 6

    Project Management

    We are committed to a hands-on approach at the job site and find that problems get solved quickly as a result. We work closely with the contractor to ensure that the project is executed brilliantly.
  • Step 7


    The big day! (Sometimes days.) When all selections have arrived, we schedule installation. We unpack, build, and style everything so it’s picture perfect. You do a happy dance. We take photos.
  • Step 8


    We deliver a binder of all the details for how to care for your new space. After spending months together, there may also be tears.


What Clients Are Saying

  • "Copeland + Co. went above and beyond on our model unit project - it looks fantastic! I love every piece and how it all works together in a beautifully cohesive way. A perfect execution of the design direction we presented, well thought out, and what great taste you all have! It is a treat when you know someone you depend on is going to be there for you 200% in the field, and the work they complete will warm your heart even when it can be a challenge to feel hopeful these days (thanks to Covid). Thank you for providing that light for us all!"
    Belinda H
  • “I hired Copeland + Co for design services for a bathroom remodel and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and had an extremely positive experience. Kat has great attention to detail, professionalism, and most importantly, design sense. We established a common vision for the projects and then Kat took it from there, bringing options for me to decide from and coordinating all of the logistics behind the scenes. I can't recommend Copeland and Co. highly enough!”
    Nick B

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