Montavilla Kitchen

We were approached by a developer earlier this year to design the interior of the first of three homes for a new, small development in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, OR. To our delight, the project also included a two-bedroom ADU behind the main house. (If you aren’t sure what an ADU is, check this out.)

The Montavilla neighborhood has all the keep-Portland-weird vibes you’d hope for and hosts some of the city’s best eats. While the main house is just blocks from the center of it all, it’s also situated on a busy one-way street often used for commuting. With that in mind, we created a space that has all the Pacific Northwest vibes a buyer could ask for – moody green kitchen cabinets, natural wood details throughout, black faucets, and a host of windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

The kitchen is one of first spaces you see when you walk in the house so we went all-in on the heart of the home.

Architect: Harka Architecture
Builder: The Powell Group
Interior Design: Copeland + Co. Interiors
Photography: Corinne Kupish

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