by design.

Copeland + Co. is a full-service interior design studio based in Portland, Oregon. Our journey started with home staging, and while many things have changed since this venture began, our philosophy remains constant: Home is the place that reminds us of who we are. It’s the place to let it all go, to recharge, to surround ourselves with people and things we love and that make us feel loved. It’s walking into the kitchen to endless possibilities. It’s crawling into bed at night for true rest. It’s the stories we tell and the secrets we keep. We take it with us when we leave and we make it when it’s missing. Home is not always where, but what.

Meet Our Team

  • Katherine Maund

    Owner + Principal

    Kat is a design aficionado with a multifaceted career that began in advertising, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for creating galvanizing brand stories. With over eight years of experience in the design industry, Kat has evolved from building a successful home staging company, Copeland Staging, to managing comprehensive home renovations and new construction projects. Her design aesthetic draws inspiration from the Pacific Northwest's awe-inspiring landscapes, and she believes in creating interiors that are an extension of her clients' identities. Kat's work reflects her commitment to blending form and function, all while capturing the natural beauty of the PNW.
  • Julia Conti

    Interior Designer

    Julia draws from a decade of design expertise at Ben Herzog Architecture, specializing in renovating historic Brooklyn brownstones. With unmatched technical acumen, Julia blends the charm of heritage with modern design elements. Julia is not just an interior designer; she's a guardian of history, a maestro of construction, and a creator of timeless beauty. Beyond design, Julia's love for the outdoors, dogs, and her family keep her inspired and connected to the world outside, reflecting her passion for creating interiors that seamlessly meld with the lives and interests of our clients.
  • Eden Major

    Junior Designer

    Eden, a dedicated creative force, excels in crafting transformative spaces through her extensive experience in events, set design, and floral design. As our Staging Manager at Copeland Staging, she has a remarkable talent for elevating spaces to their full potential for realtors and homeowners. Beyond her current role, Eden is eagerly expanding her horizons by joining us as a Junior Designer, where she will play a pivotal role in curating the finishing touches that elevate our design projects to excellence. Outside of work you can find Eden chasing her toddler around, looking for design inspiration everywhere, and hunting for the perfect bite.
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